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CSM The Essential Checklist for Modernising Customer Service
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In 2016, ServiceNow employed Intergram to survey 200 senior manager in customer services roles at companies in the United States with 500 or more employees to analyze their customer service approach. What they found are 3 primary elements that separate the very best from the very worst.

> 163% of those surveyed were “more likely to be able to correctly identify and resolve the root cause of a customer’s issue.”

> 36% of those surveyed were “more likely to offer self‑service for simple requests like password resets.”

> 127% of those surveyed were “more likely to enable their customer service agents to enlist the help of different parts of the organization, partners and customers in real‑time.”

So what challenges are customer service oriented businesses facing? Survey respondents identified three aspects:

> 57% attributed it to difficulties providing a seamless process from start to finish

> 54% said it was due to departments that don’t communicate with each other

> 50% considered it to be time spent on manual processes instead of innovative ones

How can you modernize customer service for your business? Here are a few suggestions:

> Effortless experience [allows customers to get the help they need where, when, and how they want]

> Team effort [engage all departments to create solutions that solve problems]

> Embrace IoT and New Technology [stay on top of your game by identifying problems before customers do]