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Why Active Listening Skills Matter in Tech Support
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From the time we are children, we are taught to listen, not just to words but to feelings, actions, and facial expressions. It turns out that listening skills are not only just for our friends and family but for resolving technical issues and providing great customer satisfaction.

Imagine you have a computer repair shop. A customer brings his computer in to have a virus removed. The technician removes the virus and the computer is as good as new. But the customer is not very happy. Not because the service wasn’t great but because the customer wasn’t heard. He wanted to know how to avoid the problem in the future — saving him money and your company time.

Every business requires that its employees actively listen to the needs of its customers.

Really listening, pulling out key information AND feelings, and mirroring everything back to the speaker, both fact and emotion, are the three main ways to ensure active listening.

Active listening helps the customer, solves the problem, builds customer relationships, increases productivity, and boosts the bottom line.

“By actively listening in support, which shows that you really care about your customers, you can help your entire company succeed.”