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Achieving Breakthrough Business Continuity with Low Cost and Complexity

Businesses who have kept up with the Technological curve do well in terms of revenue, data integrity, and customer retention.  Technology isn’t infallible and failures can and do happen from time to time.  When failures happen, the blowback can be tremendous on a business if they’re not prepared for it.  Lost data, lost revenues, and an unhappy customer base is all symptoms of a massive technological failure.

Business Continuity or Digital Transformation addresses the likely happenstance of a failure by guaranteeing the continuance of business operations.  This has been such a hot point with IT departments in recent years that it’s become the biggest expenditure of their departments.  To get the best out of a DT system, it must have synchronous mirroring of data to have redundancy for protection of a failure.  It also must have global protection and non-disruptive data migration as well as zero RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and zero RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) implementation.

Data should always be protected no matter what the cost, the risk of data loss is too great to consider otherwise.  Having a good DT system can also improve work efficiency and customer relations through reduced employee downtime and uptime maximization, respectively.