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Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry
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About this whitepaper

Digital business transformation is the fundamental change that organizational and company processes, activities, and models are undergoing so as to make full use of the increasing opportunities that digital technologies provide in an effort for these processes to be more agile, innovative, streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective.

Businesses in the automotive industry, both providers of services and manufacturers of automobiles, are embracing the digital shift, aiming to be more agile, competitive, and profitable through innovations. These businesses are facing the challenge to innovate at scale in their digital transformation effort across the entire organization, while choosing technologies that work together so that they gain value while transitioning into an increasingly digital space.

Who should download

This whitepaper addresses the state of the automotive industry, which is in transition from a traditional manufacturing, service, and sales based model into an increasingly technology-focused ones as Internet-connected cars, self-driving cars, ride and vehicle sharing, the changing of the traditional automotive production model, and changes in consumer demographics shape the future of the automotive industry.

 This whitepaper shows the challenges that automotive companies face, such as embracing customers as the center of the industry, deploying technologies in a digital ecosystem, maintaining brand visibility, embracing a digital focus, utilizing smart technologies, and improving engagement with the workforce.

IT executives who are looking to enable digital innovation with tools such as analytics, big data, the cloud, machine learning, blockchain, design thinking, and the Internet of Things should download this whitepaper to help them recognize the value of innovation through recognizing customers as the center of the industry, developing better partner and business networks, digitally connecting operations, improving service management, and allowing for expanded customer engagement.

Why you should download

If you are interested in improving your development and design processes, fleet maintenance, diagnostics operations or taking steps into the right direction to allow digital transformation and innovation to happen, you will finds this white paper valuable and informative.