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Accelerating Digital Transformation for Industrial Machinery Component Manufacturers

About this whitepaper

Digital business transformation is the fundamental change that organizational and company processes, activities, and models are undergoing so as to make full use of the increasing opportunities that digital technologies provide in an effort for these processes to be more agile, innovative, streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective. Developments such as rising global competition, the commoditization of hardware, and price pressure within the digital technology stack are forcing industrial machinery and component manufacturers to rethink their traditional business model.

Who should download

This whitepaper by Futurum in collaboration with SAP addresses the state of the industrial machinery and components manufacturing industry, or IM&C, as the providers of equipment that enables businesses across the world to operate and optimize their own businesses across many different industries such as transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, and energy.

The trends that are reshaping the industrial machinery and components industry, such as the increasing affordability and performance of technology, the fact that manufacturers are facing the demand to be ready for innovation, the emergence of the subscription business model, the rise of collaboration with a solution provider network, and the challenge of talent acquisition are all taken into account.

IT executives in the field of industrial machinery and components manufacturing who recognize the value of innovation and are looking to achieve success with their companies in establishing digital innovation at scale with enabling aftermarket services for customer’s assets, taking on the model of equipment-as-a-service, and the monitoring and engineering of live assets should download this paper.

Why you should download

This whitepaper recognizes and explains the value to be had through digital innovation with R&D/engineering, sales and marketing, the supply chain, manufacturing, and aftermarket service. It shows how a business can minimize equipment downtime, increase service level, and create more profit and revenue.