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Did you know that a lot of organizations across nearly every industry have adopted the decision to include the use of cloud strategy in the operation of their business?

It has been proven that at least ninety-three percent of businesses already have a multi-cloud strategy in place and 87 percent have a hybrid cloud strategy. Still, this does not mean every organization has figured out why they need a cloud strategy that works the way they expect.

While you may have already discovered some cloud benefits such as lower infrastructure costs and better business agility, you may still be like many other businesses that are struggling to optimize their cloud investment.

In this same effort to achieve modernization in business activities, experts have discovered a strategy they have named, “the nine pieces of the cloud-native puzzle” and it includes a DevOps culture, test-driven development, microservices architecture, agile methodologies, automated configuration management, containerization, DevOps tools, public cloud vendors and PaaS or platform-as-a-service. These strategies can help to transform your business into the modern technology-driven one you desire.

When it comes to achieving this modernization, ExitCertified partners with business and global organizations to accelerate cloud optimization strategies through comprehensive and customized training programs. These training programs are around the various elements of cloud computing and implementing a comprehensive cloud culture. With rigorous vendor certified training for all major cloud vendors, ExitCertified will help to:

  • Build your company’s cloud IQ.
  • Help you deliver better business outcomes while upskilling your team(s) as they learn from expert ExitCertified instructors.
  • Create customized training programs that incorporate cloud platforms, tools, and soft skills — including DevOps, agile methodologies, project management, and IT governance.
  • Accelerate knowledge and productivity across your entire organization and that’s just a little out of what they offer.