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A Software-Defined Approach to Modernize Your Infrastructure

About this whitepaper

Software-defined infrastructure, or SDI, is technical computing infrastructure that is entirely under the control of software, combining software-defined capabilities such as software-defined compute, or SDC, software-defined networking, or SDN, and software-defined storage into a modern, software-defined data center, or SDDC.

A software-defined infrastructure operates independently of specific hardware and with very little human intervention, virtualizing important infrastructure elements such as processing, management, provisioning, configuration, and security and delivering them as a service. Software-defined infrastructure consists of physical infrastructure, virtualization, the aforementioned software-defined capabilities, and management services. Key attributes of software-defined infrastructure include scalability, agility, security, performance, reliability, and compliance.

Who should download

This whitepaper explains how a software-defined approach to infrastructure is essential for businesses that want to stay competitive in the ever-changing digital economy. Far too many IT teams are still depending on hardware-defined infrastructure to handle storage and networking, which does not provide the scalability, agility, flexibility, reliability, and performance that is increasingly demanded of businesses.

Virtualization of compute or server has already affected the industry, but change is not complete for many companies. IT executives who want to get ahead in today’s digital economy need to modernize their infrastructure across compute, storage, and networking.

Why you should download

This whitepaper explains the purpose of modern infrastructure and how the VMware solutions for modern infrastructure, which are based on hyper-converged infrastructure, or HCI, will allow you to extend virtualization across the data center without risk, greatly lower total cost of ownership, and make it easy to scale up technology for the dynamic business of the future. It explains why more and more organizations are modernizing infrastructure, and why they are adopting hyper-converged infrastructure to help them.

This whitepaper will give you the tools that can be used to modernize your infrastructure in a way that suits the need of your business and gives you automated and streamlined operations as well as a higher quality of performance.