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A Real-Time Asset Monitoring System for Railway Owners and Operators

Railroads have improved our nation a great deal over the last couple hundred years by providing transportation and cost-effective bulk transportation. The railroad system is under pressure, though, to improve delivery times, on-time arrivals, and shipment visibility. The need for real-time tracking is also increasing to ensure faster emergency responses when it comes to hazardous cargo.

When it comes to our railway system, the need for data-driven asset management systems to balance system capacity with efficiency is rapidly growing. There is a solution, though, with OSIsoft technologies. OSIsoft can construct a data infrastructure that has the scale and connectivity to provide continuous, real-time visibility across track and rolling stock assets. OSIsoft technologies embed a scalable, end-to-end data platform that removes data silos and creates deep situational awareness.

Learn more about OSIsoft and how their technology can provide real-time tracking, and improve delivery times, shipment visibility, and on-time arrivals in this comprehensive whitepaper.