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A Pillowcase of Unstructured Data Set to Burst

The last 30 years of history have provided us with many breakthroughs and among them, the internet has had the biggest impact on our global culture. As technology speeds along at a frantic clip year after year, so too does the ways that companies and departments adapt along to these changes. Perhaps the biggest changes that happen year after year is in the form of data. More precisely, the amount of data and the kinds of data that are dealt with on a daily basis.

If you can visualize a pillowcase that’s crammed full of jellybeans, you get a somewhat accurate picture of the amount of data that’s floating around on a global basis. For many years, this “pillowcase” has always been on the verge of capacity, you can feel the seams on the sides that are taught with pressure.

With the kinds of data that we’re dealing with these days: Ultra-High Quality Audio (96 khz & 192 khz FLAC), 4K Video, Proprietary Codecs dealing with photography and display (RAW, TIFF, etc.), that pillowcase is starting to burst with unstructured data. Unstructured data is only going to increase over time and companies need to be aware of this and utilize strategies for managing this data going forward.