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A Modern Data Center is Essential for the Digital Economy

About this whitepaper

The digital economy, also known as the internet economy, the web economy, or the new economy, is an economy based on the technology of digital computing and the conducting of business through the Internet and Web-based markets. The rapid growth and massive value of the digital economy have greatly affected the traditional economy and are the causes of deep changes and increasing demands in the operation of businesses. To meet these demands, IT teams need a transformation to an agile, efficient, and mobile platform. This is where Flash-based, cloud-enabled, scalable, and software-defined modern data centers come in.

Who should download

This whitepaper from VMware and Intel presents modern data centers as a solution to the problems that IT teams are facing as the operating model of their business is changed by the digital economy. Companies are dealing with increasingly complex environments, swiftly changing technology, and limited resources with traditional infrastructure that cannot support the demands of new applications, agile businesses, and integration with the public cloud. Organizations are in need of a different IT model, ad the modern data center is at the heart of this new model. IT executives looking to overcome the challenges of traditional data centers and support the innovation and growth of their business should download this trend brief.

Why you should download

This whitepaper explains the problems that businesses are facing with the digital economy, then explains how modern data centers are the solution to these problems. It explains how to start modernizing your data centers through the virtualization of compute, storage, and networking, as well as through automation to streamline the delivery and management of infrastructure and application resources. Modern data centers provide benefits throughout the entire organization, such as agility, scalability, control of capital expenditure and operating expenditure, and cost efficiency.