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A 90-Day Process to Achieving Rapid and Agile Commerce Transformation
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Stan is the marketing director at a large toy manufacturer and is almost ready to turn most of his marketing efforts into an omnichannel direction because he understands that it is not just an opportunity, but a necessity for his company to expand and grow.

With 95% of his customers on smartphones, shopping apps, social media, and used to smart assistants and voice-activated devices, he knows that his customers will soon begin to expect an always connected and always great experience.

He wants to make a change to transform customers’ buying experiences and adapt his processes to the current context, but he isn’t sure of the best way to achieve that.

He spends lunch one day talking to his old boss, Joe, who is now chief marketing director of the largest toy manufacturer in North America. Joe tells Stan that he can make his commerce transformation fast and seamless by following these 6 easy steps.

Step 1. Develop a strategy that will explain to customers why you are going omnichannel and how their experience with the brand will improve.

Step 2. Choose a platform that can initially deliver at least one new channel and expand to offer a full omnichannel experience.

Step 3. Build an implementation team, including a partner who can help with the technical implementation of your omnichannel efforts.

Step 4. Map your internal business processes and add additional process steps, responsibilities, and investments that will enable the new channel without confusing customers.

Step 5. Develop an implementation plan with dependencies, clear swim lanes, and accountability to project leads.

Step 6. Establish clear and shared success metrics for your team and the new channel and understand the impact of your existing channels.

With these six steps in hand, Stan begins to see the way forward a bit clearer now. He is more confident that he can lead his company to achieve rapid and agile commerce transformation.

If you are like Stan and want to transform your commerce processes, click the link below for more information.