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9 Hyperion Myths That Are Making You Less Effective

EPM or Enterprise Performance Management has become an integral part of business operations. Oracle addressed this facet of business with their Hyperion suite of software applications. Many organizations struggle to keeping Hyperion running smoothly due to its complexity.

Datavail specializes in Hyperion management with APM (Application Performance Management) software by Accelatis, a recent Datavail acquisition. Accelatis focuses on User Simulation, Load Generation, Performance Optimization, System Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Automation, and Infrastructure Management.

For Accounting purposes, Datavail provides the tools that you need to stay in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. These tools keep track of any changes made to data over time and errors can be easily spotted when looking back over the log sheets.

Datavail also provides proactive alerting for Hyperion deployments, root cause analysis, auto-snapshots and other tools to keep Hyperion running smoothly.