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Are you looking to migrate to a new commerce platform?

Before choosing a new platform that works for your organization, here are eight questions you should ask.

  1. What type of experience do your customers expect?
  2. How clean is your catalog data?
  3. How will replatforming affect customer service and order management?
  4. Is your ecosystem prepared?
  5. How realistic is your timeline?
  6. Which platform and post-launch support is the right fit?
  7. When should you design and launch the new site?
  8. Is your organization ready to take on these changes?

According to one Forrester Research report, retailers who are looking to replatform put customer experience at the top of their list of reasons why they want to make the move. Improving your digital customer experience can help in not only retaining customers but in attracting new business.

Find out more about how to go about replatforming the right way, by clicking the link below.