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7 Types of Hackers
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IT is rapidly changing and the techniques hackers use to threaten massive systems are changing too. With extraordinary transformation happening at every level of business, many questions remain as to how companies secure data and guard against threats.

Cybercrime statistics are startling including that:

According to a 2016 FBI PR, “In the US alone, 2400 complaints of ransomware were reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center for 2015—at a cost of $24 million.”

According to the 2016 Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report, “In 2015, 594 million people worldwide were victims of online crime.”

And per Javelin’s 2015 report, “There’s a new identity fraud victim every 2 seconds.”

7 types of hackers exist that could be harmful to your business. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. script kiddies — thrill-seeking teens who mostly hack for fun and bragging rights.
  2. hacking group — script kiddie who form groups to disrupt a good deal of business together rather than alone
  3. hacktivists — skillful and politically motivated, these hackers believe they’re fighting a war and their weapon is cybersecurity
  4. black hat professionals — do hacking for a living and are typically highly experienced in penetrating nearly impenetrable targets
  5. organized criminal gangs — are the cybersecurity mafia; they are professional criminals who abide by rules and ensure all activities are done under the radar
  6. nation-states — yes, there is such a thing. nation-states is organized cybercrime that runs internationally with political, economic, and military targets
  7. then there are the cyber weapons dealer — this criminal is experienced and acts as a salesperson; motivated by money, the dealer sells software to organized criminal gangs and nation-states

Security is a continuous process and proper awareness can help you guard against cyber security threats.