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Attack Surface
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Hi! My name is Patrick.

As an IT professional, I get asked all the time by companies how they can reduce their attack surface. Whether your business operates entirely online or you also have a physical storefront, the internet keeps your business connected, but only if you’re properly protected. Let’s take a look at seven keys to reducing your attack surface.

Key 1) Protect Your Customers

Your business can thrive only with your customers’ trust. That means protecting personally identifiable information, account balances, and transaction details as if they were your own.

Key 2) Protect Your Web Applications

When your website is your business, attacks can have an outsized impact on your bottom line which is why it is critical to protect your website and web applications from denial of service attacks, web application attacks, and bot attacks

Key 3) Protect Your APIs

Businesses are moving to APIs to deliver data to mobile apps, partners, and clients but API endpoints extend your attack surface in new ways. It’s important to make sure that your APIs are protected from the same threats as your website.

Key 4) Protect Your Data Centers

The IT assets within your data centers power every aspect of your business which is why it’s essential to protect these Internet-facing assets including your network bandwidth, applications, servers, and Internet of Things devices from denial of service attacks and malware.

Key 5) Protect Your DNS Services

Your domain name system services need to be always available, trustworthy, and fast, so users can find your websites and applications. To maintain the success of your business, it’s essential to protect your domain name system services from denial of service attacks, forgery, and manipulation.

Key 6) Protect Your Employees

Many of the most damaging breaches can start with your own employees, who can be tricked into downloading malicious files through malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks which is why it’s important to protect your employees if you want to protect your business.

Key 7) Protect Your Enterprise Applications and Data

To protect your enterprise applications and data, it’s essential that you provide secure access to enterprise applications as the security perimeter dissolves while protecting end users from advanced threats and ensuring data is not eliminated over your domain name system.

The best way to reduce your attack surface is to implement a security tool that not only offers protection and performance, and continual investment in security but has a history of security innovation and is a trusted cloud delivery platform as well.

If you want to learn more ways to reduce your attack surface, click the link below for more information.