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7 Key Requirements for Modern ADC
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Applications are super important for running your business. Digital trends are transforming the way these applications are built, run, and managed.

Today, applications are not just in data facilities but also in the cloud. To meet the demands of application delivery and implementation, a modern ADC is needed.

Your ADC must meet several requirements:

> Software-first focus. [A software-first ADC allows you to establish one central location to manage all application delivery. This allows for ease of use, flexibility, and increased business revenue.]

According to a 2013 report by IBM Institute for Business Value, “69% of companies who leverage software delivery effectively outperform those who don’t.”

> App delivery enablement. [Enabling deployment across the public and private clouds (also known as the hybrid multi-cloud) for your applications is critical to network agility]

The 2016 State of DevOps Among Enterprise Audience report states “34% of Tech Targets’ enterprise audience said Hybrid Cloud is a top infrastructure investment for 2016.”

> Comprehensive security [Security threats constantly abound, therefore, security measures must be taken. Protect your applications with WAF and DDoS features.]

The 2016 Global Security Report found that “97% of applications tested by Trustwave in 2015 contained at least one vulnerability.”