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Business process management or BPM as it is referred to is all about building and sustaining process improvement.

Business processes that are well-constructed make it extremely easy for teams and departments to understand, use, and, most importantly, identify and suggest improvements that can move the business forward.

So how can you create engaging business processes?

Here are 6 key techniques for making process documents that can be used.

1. Simplicity is Sublime – Make it more digestible.

2. Group tasks together under the categorization of activities.

3. Don’t ignore exceptions – you can capture them as notes inside the activities.

4. Use verbs to name processes, activities, and tasks.

5. Create sub-processes if you need them.

6. Add multimedia such as video and visuals where appropriate.

By implementing these six tips, your business processes stand a much better chance of being used and being accepted by senior management and everyone else on your team.

And, always remember that carefully created processes promote increased ROI.

Find out more about how to create engaging and effective business processes by clicking the link below.