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6 Strategies for Transitioning to the Cloud
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Is your organization ready to move to the cloud?

In this video, we will discuss cloud technology and six strategies your organization can consider when making the decision to transition to the cloud.

Taking on a move to cloud technology is a big undertaking. So, it’s important to objectively identify the reasons it would be advantageous for your organization to take on this shift.

The first strategy to consider is to be clear on the problem the business is trying to resolve.

This leads to the second strategy which is to leverage the cloud and rethinking the way your organization does things. This starts with identifying potential drawbacks that transitioning to the cloud could create, including costs.

The third strategy is to be as flexible as the cloud is. Cloud technology is perpetually evolving and changes at a rapid pace. It is critical to be mindful of new technologies and leverage the flexibility of the cloud. Prototypes can be done on the fly allowing for greater flexibility and dependability.

This brings us to the fourth strategy: plan for growth. Creating a clearly defined plan will allow for greater improvement in productivity and business goals by focusing on specific areas of the cloud.

The next strategy is to give your users a hand. One of the challenges of transitioning to the cloud is that end users may be inconvenienced by having to remember a large number of login credentials. A single sign-on solution is helpful for users and can make them more willing to adapt to the new solution.

The final strategy is to enable your organization broadly. Take a deeper look into how your entire organization, not just certain departments, can leverage the cloud. Will widening access to data increase overall value? Consider how this data will be used and how it will be integrated with other data within the enterprise.

If you want to know more about transitioning to the cloud, click the link below for more information.