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Are you looking for security information and event management solution that is top-notch for your organization? 

Perhaps, you want to be able to detect threats, achieve compliance or fuel incident responses. 

If the answer is YES to the above, there are 6 steps to make sure you achieve SIEM success for your team. 

Just 6? Yes, just 6. Here they are: 

Step 1 – Know your use cases first 

Why are you considering SIEM in the first place? 

Step 2 – Identify all environments you will need to monitor 

What assets should you monitor? Where do those assets reside? 

Step 3 – SIEM alone does not equal threat detection   

Complete security visibility requires a broad perspective from a wide range of tools. 

Step 4 – Correlation rules are the engine of your SIEM 

Correlation rules help to find the signal in the midst of the noise. 

Step 5 – Consider how to integrate threat intelligence  

Understanding threat intelligence provides valuable context to SIEM. 

Step 6 – Automate and orchestrate security operation 

If you have detected an active threat, what happens next? Speed plays a big role in containing damage after an attack. 

Understanding your organization’s need for powerful threat detection, incident response, and compliance management is critical when choosing any platform. A unified platform is easier to manage and more effective when it comes to security monitoring across the cloud and on-premise environments.  

Want to learn more about SIEM? Click the link below for more information.