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6 Reasons to Choose a Managed Service for Microsoft Azure
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If you are evaluating different cloud platforms to migrate your organization’s systems to, Microsoft Azure should be one of your choices. When it comes to cloud enterprise applications, Azure is the fastest growing platform. Additionally, CIO’s prefer Azure because of its scalability, capacity to innovate, and the positioning of Microsoft.

If you decide that Azure is the right choice for you, then you should also look for a managed service to help you with its implementation and overall management.

Here are six key reasons you should choose a managed service if you are moving to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform:

#1 Azure, which is not the simplest platform to manage and implement, requires expertise which a managed service can provide.

#2 Once an organization moves to Azure, it will require constant, around-the-clock support which can be delivered by a managed service.

#3 Many managed services provide an external portal through which users are given access. This allows organizations to have better control of the users who are moving to Azure.

#4 Constant updates, enhancements, and upgrades to your Azure platform can be easily and instantly delivered by a managed service.

#5 Microsoft works on a shared data service model. This makes it imperative to have necessary security measures put in place to avoid data breaches on your Azure platform.

#6 Once you have moved to Azure, your platform will need to be updated whenever new versions, services, and other upgrades are made available.

For further detailed insights on why you should consider a managed service for Microsoft Azure, click the link below for more information.