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6 Digital Competencies for Leaders in the Future Workforce
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The HR digital revolution is moving at a fast pace. Benjamin and his organization are constantly looking for ways to stay on the cutting edge of competition and remain effective and productive.

To do this, Benjamin and his human resources team have created an entirely new work environment. It is commonly called in his and in other organization, the digital workplace revolution. This transformation is changing the way he and his team think about and approach their work.

Benjamin often talks with his team about other companies that are transforming industries such as Amazon, Under Armour, and Facebook. In his latest team meeting, Benjamin has his team thinking about this question:

If human resources had the same consumer-friendly digital influence as Amazon, Under Armour, and Facebook, how would that change engagement and performance in the work world?

As the workforce continues to evolve into a digital one, it becomes increasingly important to ensure leaders are competent enough to lead the workforce through these changes. As an executive, Benjamin must ensure his team leaders are competent in these 6 attributes:

1. Use technology as an enabler…

Leaders must believe technology can be used as a facilitator, and not just a means to an end. They must embrace this new way of thinking instead of avoiding it.

2. Encourage disruption…

Technology is disrupting almost every major function of an organization. As a leader, one must accept this change and work with it rather than against it.

3. Leverage IT…

Information technology is a massive advantage that organizations must consistently employ and reap the best results and benefits.

4. Become excellent at iteration…

Projects are no longer pre-developed as plans and put into effect. They are built along the way with constant input from team members and changes at various stages of development. Leaders must iterate parts of older practices to better manage projects.

5. Use the crowd smartly…

Not all employees are skilled at everything, but each employee is skilled at something. A good leader must utilize the skill set that each employee brings to the table and use their strengths to the company’s advantage.

6. Go beneath the surface…

A leader must learn to dig deeper and arrive at the root of any problem before developing solid solutions.

When a leader has these six competencies and works to ensure middle management also develops these competencies, any company can move effectively and productively through the digital revolution.

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