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Several obstacles stand between you and a safe network.

Should security be one of them?

We don’t think so.

Here are 6 common security pitfalls that could put your network security at risk.

  1. Trying to stay ahead by staying behind a firewall.82% of mobile workers admit they don’t always use a VPN.
  2. Betting on antivirus for off-network protection.25% of corporate traffic will bypass perimeter security by 2021.
  3. Trusting web proxies to handle sophisticated threats.15% of malware C2 callbacks use ports other than 80/443.
  4. Turning a blind eye to SaaS apps.Over 475 third-party applications are used by the average company.
  5. Managing security in a silo.Over 50 vendors secure the average company.
  6. Hoping appliance-based tools will scale easily.69% of branch offices have direct-to-internet access.

Understanding the foundation of the internet and having a baseline for top-rated security can provide critical defenses against threats no matter where your users or employees are.

Take some time to consider your network security. For additional help, click the link below for more information.