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6 Capabilities to Look for in a Cloud ERP
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Cloud computing has completely transformed the Information and Communication Technology industry. It delivers major benefits including low upfront costs, subscription-based pricing, universal access, and ease of implementation on an international scale.

These benefits play a critical role for many businesses, especially those in the small-to-midsize-business category. Initially, cloud computing was used for those with low business or scope. However, today an entire organization can run on a cloud based enterprise resource planning, also known as ERP.

The cloud has offered all software vendors a way to rethink how business applications can be deployed and leveraged.

A cloud ERP system with these 6 capabilities present significant advantages over others that claim to offer the same thing.

#1 A solid cloud ERP system should provide a core back-office capability for business management and operations. This includes functions such as financial management, human resources and inventory, among other fundamental functions.

#2 A cloud-based system should provide a customer relationship management function that covers core capabilities around marketing operations and analytics that tracks customer interactions.

#3 A modern cloud ERP system should also have an e-commerce capability that allows businesses to sell their products online and integrate traditional selling points with online functionalities.

#4 A cloud ERP system should also provide professional services automation which is specifically for consulting companies that rely heavily on metrics such as time and projects.

#5 It is critical for a cloud ERP system to have HR and payroll components that work well with a company’s human capital management systems and support its functions.

#6 A solid cloud ERP system must be easily deployable across various geographical locations with localizations to businesses that operate locally.

Scalability, automation, visibility, and deployment are four primary benefits of such a wide-ranging cloud ERP system. If you want to know more about how to select the right cloud ERP system for your business, click the link below for more information.