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6 Benefits of Security Analytics for Security & Risk Professionals
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Given that 2017 has seen numerous cyber-attacks, data hacks and security breaches, Security and Risk Professionals must learn to develop and implement strategies that continues the process of evaluation and analysis.

Security analytics give these professionals the ability to detect, investigate, and respond to cyber security threats quickly. Without such knowledge, it would be difficult to assess the state of a company’s lines of security and respond in a timely manner when issues arise. This is why it is important to have a 24/7 security platform in place.

Here are 6 benefits that a company has with ‘round the clock security analysts:

1. Speeding detection and hastening the investigation process enables faster response, thus restricting the impact of a cyber-attack.

2. Detect previously unknown threats, advanced threats and recurring threats. Since each of these must be treated in a different way, analysis would provide various insights that will be helpful to the IT team.

3. Search for and immediately identify threats in archived logs. Sometimes, threats can be recurring in nature. If a team has tackled a particular threat earlier, it can use the same procedure to fight the threat again. Having an S&R team will help identify a recurring threat.

4. Monitor activities inside the network. It is often seen that a lot of servers are attacked from inside the network, where attackers are in close proximity of the mainframe. Having an S&R team in place could help avoid such a circumstance.

5. Investigate alerts more quickly. Added context, visibility, and threat intelligence give security analysts more information on which to act. Added workflow and automation provide a necessary productivity boost to understaffed security teams.

6. Comply with regulations and standards. Compliance support for standards and regulations is easier when there is a team trained in and aware of these standards.

If you want to know more about security analytics platforms and the potential they hold for securing your business online, click the link below for more information.