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5 Ways to Make Prototyping Work
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Sam is part of the IT team at a Fortune 500 company and is looking to keep up with the technology giants that are currently dominating the S&P 500.

Sam has created a prototype that he believes will improve the success of his company, but is not too sure how to make it work in his and his company’s favor.

While conducting some needed research online, he finds one survey that suggests, “companies today face a strategy confidence gap with 85 percent of respondents saying their organization needs to transform in response to disruptive change, but less than half are feeling confident that they’re prepared to do it.”

Sam is surprised by this finding, but knows that even his company’s senior leadership doesn’t exactly feel the most confident about implementing disruptive change throughout the organization.

To level off some of this lack of confidence, Sam discovers 5 bulletproof ways to make prototyping work for his company.

  •  Make prototyping capabilities a joint ownership endeavor. Empower a cross-functional team to validate strategic direction.
  •  Organize to enable prototyping broadly and deeply. Prototyping is useful for both platform and feature teams and allows these teams to improve the customer experience.
  •  Cultivate a tech-savvy workplace. Nurturing tech-savvy employees allows them to think strategically about the potential of digital and mobile.
  •  Encourage prototypes to foster exploration and execution. Don’t focus your mobile efforts on just a single area early on; explore potential future revenue opportunities.
  •  Accelerate execution by prototyping quickly. Reduce steps, empower smaller teams, and break big projects into bite-sized chunks to be able to execute on a dime.

With this newfound knowledge, Sam can now work to improve the digital and mobile efforts of his company and his team members. Through prototyping, he can work to develop strategies that make sense to his non-technical senior managers and implement technologies that will help get and keep his company up to speed and at scale

If you want to know more about how prototyping can work for your company, click the link below for more information.