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New Technologies
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Hi! My name is Matt.

As an IT professional who has worked with many companies, I’ve learned just how much adopting new technologies can impact your monitoring environment. Recently, senior analyst at 451 Research, Nancy Gohring, shared her thoughts about the biggest trends impacting the monitoring environments in large corporations and highlighted five ways adopting new technologies can impact the monitoring environment at your organization including:

Speed and Agility

Organizations today have added pressure to be quick and agile. When your organization adopts new technologies, you make it much easier for new updates, new features, new capabilities, new services, and new applications to be deployed and implemented throughout the organization more seamlessly.

Hybrid Cloud Adoption

451 Research estimates that today, as much as 46% of workloads are running on traditional, on-premises infrastructure, while that number is estimated to drop down to 21% in two years. As more and more organizations embrace cloud technology, your organization will have to as well if you want to keep up with more demands and faster expectations of service.

Containers and Micro-Services

More and more organizations are beginning to implement containers and micro-services architectures that require mass quantities of data. As these organizations continue to adopt new technologies, your IT teams need to think about what kind of data should be collected in order to get the best insight possible into business performance.

Machine Learning

As the adoption of modern technologies increases with new applications and services deployed, it will be paramount that your organization embraces tools that enable machine learning to automate incident response and improve application performance.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools can be used for many different business needs, including helping IT Ops understand anomalies in application or system performance. This ability to analyze data across domains and potentially uncover trends can provide predictive benefits for companies, allow IT teams to better prioritize their incident responses, and enable your IT teams to fix issues before they impact the user experience.

In order for your organization to properly keep up with new technologies, it’s essential that you implement a SaaS-based intelligent IT operations management platform that streams and normalizes all machine data and enables the emergence of context for preventing service disruptions in complex modern IT environments.

If you want to learn more about ways the adoption of new technologies impacts your monitoring environments, click the link below for more information, or join the Zenoss, 451 Research webcast.