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5 Ways CIOs Can Communicate and Collaborate Better and Be More Productive
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In today’s world CIOs oversee much more than technology. They are also strategically aligned to help the company stay competitive.

Research suggests that just five years ago, a CIO’s main job was to deploy new technologies. Now, CIOs must provide value by advancing business objectives and driving revenue.

CEOs rely heavily on CIOs for good reason. Digital transformation and progress falls on their desk and so do a good part of the results.

CIOs feel the pressure but there are 5 things they can do to communicate and collaborate better, empower the digital workspace, and be more productive.

  1. Show employees the benefits of new technologies and processes to boost adoption rates.
  1. Improve access to information by digitizing your paper records and storing them in one central, secure location.
  1. Apply security and governance around your data with an enterprise file sync-and-share solution.
  1. Make meetings accessible to remote employees with interactive whiteboards and video conferencing tools.
  1. Eliminate meeting bottlenecks by automating your room scheduling

The pressure always exists to be better and to be on top. Implementing these 5 techniques can help you win the CEO and advance the company’s goals and objectives with great results.

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