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5 Things to Test in Your Future NGFW
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Hello! My name is Ben.

Is your company in the market for a next-generation firewall? One of the best ways to determine the features you need is to test it.

Let’s look at 5 facts to consider when testing your security infrastructure as the next NGFW.

1) Prevent Credential Theft

One of the weakest links of an organization’s security infrastructure is the use of weak user credentials. Select a next-generation firewall that can accelerate protection via machine learning-based analysis.

2) Prevent Credential Abuse

There are many avenues that attackers can take to steal credentials. This can be addressed by creating multi-factor authentication policies that are tailored to the user experience.

3) Provide Dynamic Security Policies for Your Dynamic Virtual Workloads

Today’s data centers are transitioning to virtualized environments, making no longer necessary for workloads to be fixed to a static location. So, your firewall security policy should no longer tie itself to a static IP address but attributes of the workload.

4) Manage Your NGFW Using Simple and Effective Tools

Gaps, delays and limited visibility can occur when security teams make firewall changes made by local teams are forced to rely on global teams to make changes. This can be effectively addressed by using Dynamic Address Groups.

5) Lead on Automation to Prevent Difficult to Identify and Fast-Changing Threats

To prevent the need to sift through security events to determine which ones are high risk, test the firewall can discover infected hosts and quarantine them.

Your future firewall should take these five capabilities into consideration to meet the needs of your organization. If you would like to find out more information, click the link below to download a free whitepaper.