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This whitepaper is a guide on how to futureproof your product design. It identifies five technologies your CAD tool must support to develop a more competitive product. To stay relevant in this decade, you must consider if your CAD tool is ready for the coming years. The beginning of this whitepaper asks crucial questions that you and your team should address before getting started.


For instance, which technologies will have the highest impact on the competitiveness of your products? What steps are your competitors taking? What should you look for in design tools to make it easier to incorporate new technology into your products? Tech-Clarity’s research shows that an overwhelming 99% of organizations agree that software tools will benefit them. But the vital question everyone should be asking is: which ones will have the most impact?

This whitepaper encompasses vital information on virtual and augmented reality and explains how you can use certain innovative software to ensure your design tools will meet future needs and avoid tedious tasks.