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5 Technologies to Explore That Will Change Customer Service by 2021
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When it comes to making advancement in technology, most company managers and directors typically think just a couple years ahead, perhaps, buying themselves time until they can see a clearer picture. But to truly understand customer service and the complexity of customer interaction and engagement, you must begin looking a little further now.

Most new technologies will involve a complete overhaul for one or more departments or company processes that is almost never easy to put in place at the last minute. It also isn’t just about the technology itself, but the employees who have to learn the system and the customers who will receive the brunt of whatever it spits out. Additionally, while emerging technology changes service, it also upgrades or downgrades loyalty and revenue.

Since customers are already living in the future, planning for what is to come five years from now must begin today as new technologies take time to develop and time is needed to build a budget and get it approved.

I know 5 years from now seems a long way off, but here are 3 of the 5 technologies you should be exploring now that are set to transform customer service by 2021:

Technology #1: Two-Way Video Brings Customers Closer to Customer Service Staff

As costs decrease and concerns over bandwidth decrease, two-way video chat will become the future of customer service. Two-way video allows customers to talk about and show their problem and agents to give near face-to-face solutions which knocks down barriers and builds trust.

Technology #2: Augmented and Virtual Reality Bridge The Physical And Digital Worlds

What do most people want in their greatest times of need? Caring people to be right there with them. That’s not physically possible, but with virtual and augmented reality, customer care agents can inject their presence into the customer’s world, creating a new and more alive experience.

Technology #3: Virtual Assistants Will Carry on Seamless Customer Service Conversations

Alexa, Siri, and other virtual assistants lead many customers to expect virtual help at any time on any subject. While what we currently have is far from seamless, improvements in speech, voice, and language recognition will usher in a new range of virtual assistants who are conversational and can dive into deeper topics, delivering a better customer experience.