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5 Ways All-Flash Storage Fuels IT Transformation

Microsoft SQL is a database server that retrieves information from other software and then stores it. SQL can pull data from personal software as well as from public software that you don’t have access to. This software is extremely helpful and important to your business. So, the question is not “should you have it.” The question is “Should you upgrade on your current servers or on new servers?” Here are 5 reasons to deploy SQL on new servers.

1. It is more cost-effective to deploy SQL on new servers.

Changing software on an old server is very expensive and time-consuming. Whereas deploying SQL on a brand-new server is fast and easy. Would you rather spend more time and more money on something confusing and frustrating, or spend less time and less money on something quick and simple?

2. Figuring out the capacity you have for your server is challenging.

When you already have software running on an old service it’s hard to tell just how much space you truly have for Microsoft’s SQL. Furthermore, if you deploy SQL and you misjudged the capacity, you will have to start completely from scratch and do it all again!

3. The cost outweighs the savings.

When you have a team of people working on setting up SQL on an old server the hours are long. You are pulling people from their regular assignments, thus leaving your company in a weaker state. It is far less expensive to buy a new server and save on all that overtime.

4. A new platform eradicates the risk.

You can’t run tests after deploying SQL and expect accurate results if the server is already weighed down with its usual workload. You need to really make sure that everything is running smoothly before you implement new software. With a new server, you would be able to easily collect precise data from your tests.

5. The installation will run smoother with a new server.

If you have a new, clean server then the installation will run so much smoother. There is nothing else your server will be working on except deploying SQL. It reduces the amount of work and the possibility of mistakes in installation.

These are just 5 reasons to deploy SQL on new servers. There are so many more! You need to know the best way to upgrade to SQL. This whitepaper will show you how.