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5 Reasons to Move to a Cloud-based Contact Center
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Contact center interaction management or CCIM software continues to be transformed into a cohesive service that vendors offer. It facilitates a multichannel interaction between a company and its customers. The key to an excellent customer experience that stands out from all others is being able to connect customers to the right products, services, or agents through the right channels when they need it most.

The cloud itself has become a much-talked-about solution to concerns involving scalability and security. While many business services have moved to the cloud, CCIM has been slower to make the switch due partly to complications in supporting voice communications. But as the cloud becomes more prevalent, many managers are jumping aboard.

Since contact center managers need very good reasons to shift to a new solution, here are 3 reasons why a cloud-based contact center is worth the effort:

#1 Improved flexibility allows for a more rapid response to business needs.

#2 Improved customer satisfaction by serving customers in their channel of choice.

#3 Technology spending aligned to business volumes and traffic.

#4 Simpler and more effective management of multi-site contact centers.

#5 Deeper management capabilities for outsourced agents.

In a 2016 Dimension Data survey, 89% agreed that using a hosted or cloud technology has resulted in increased access to new functionality; 87% noted improved flexibility, and 84% mentioned increased agility and speed-to-market.