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5 Questions to Guide You Toward Mobile Workspace Delivery
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While many business owners and company department heads recognize the validity and benefits of mobility, very few actually take the time or make the extra effort to set up and deploy mobile workspace environments for their employees.

Yet, as the world increasingly turns mobile, more and more people are willing to work in flexible ways that are driven by the demand of current fast-paced for requirements and company goals. The need for efficiency and effectiveness in every industry allows employees the option of working by their preferences.

However, there is a much higher cost to flexibility if employees alone are flexible. Companies too have to decide which activities are better performed individually and which require more collaboration and then allow employees to choose their workspace preferences depending on demand.

For the most part, employees are willing to work in a number of ways providing their employers to give them what they need to succeed in their jobs. A 2015 survey found that “58% of those surveyed expect their company to provide the mobile tools they use.”

Business leaders can ask 5 questions to help decide whether a mobile workspace is right for them:

1. Are you able to deliver any app to your users with the enterprise features and experience they need and want?

2. Can you provide secure access to your users regardless of the type of app, connection, or device?

3. Do your users have a secure and effective way to share documents?

4. Does your mobility vendor strategy make sense?

5. Are you securing your enterprise by protecting apps and data?