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5 Mobile Design Tactics to Implement
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Most customers, viewers, and visitors are all in one place – online and on their phones.

This is where you should be too.

One major factor that most companies forget to take into consideration is that most customers are on their mobile phones more often than a laptop and certainly a desktop.

To reach them, it is critical to optimize your website for mobile viewing.

If you are not thinking about the end user experience when it comes to mobile, now is the right time to start.

Here are 5 mobile design tactics you should have in your arsenal:

#1…De-clutter your UI

Clarity is the most important characteristic of a great user interface. Before you can reach any user, you must have their attention. User attention must be allocated diligently.

#2…Design for interruption

A simple rule of thumb while designing mobile UI is to allocate only one primary action per screen. Short mobile sessions mean you must design for interruptions—allow users to save and re-engage with the app later.

#3…Make navigation self-evident

Use easily recognizable functions and symbols that are inherent in other well-known apps in your category with simple layouts. After all, even the coolest feature or the most compelling content is useless if people can’t access it easily.

#4…Making a great first impression

“First impressions last.” This is true for mobile user interfaces just as it is for job interviews. There is only one chance to sway someone into becoming a user; if you disappoint the first time, they might not come back.

#5…Align with device conventions

Apps are designed to work with various types of operating systems and it is important for designers to ensure they do not carry forward elements from one UI to the next. By doing so, the risk exists to compromise the user experience and conversion.

If you want to know more about how to ensure good mobile design and bring clarity to the user interface, click the link below for more information.