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5 Major Problems CIOs Face and How to Overcome Them
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Today, people are able to connect in more ways than ever before. Collaboration inside and outside of organizations in real time allows for more people to work together faster and better.

Efficient technology plays a major role in ensuring teams can work together anytime and anywhere they need to. If IT infrastructure isn’t scaled or doesn’t meet required measures, then business goals fail and productivity suffers.

CIOs are tasked with implementing ways to ensure businesses remain on the cutting edge of their products and services and ahead of their competition. To do this, CIOs must overcome major problems. Here are 5 of them:

Problem #1— Change Disrupts Business as Usual

According to a 2014 Deloitte CIO survey, “45% of IT budget allocation supports change and growth.”

To fix this, CIOs must invest in solutions that are built for their teams and networks

Problem #2 — It Costs Time and Money to Implement New Solutions

A 2015 Gartner survey found, “54% of American CIOs believe they are taking a larger role as digital leaders.”

Simplify collaboration by connecting your teams with technology they will love to use.

Problem #3 — The Risks Seem High While the Benefits are Unclear

According to the Harvard Business Review, ”35% of CIOs feel cost control and expense management are top day-to-day responsibilities.”

Implementing a modern, comprehensive collaboration platform like Office 365 can help to mitigate risks and enable efficient productivity.