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5 Key Trends for Windows 10 Adoption and Migration
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In June 2016, VMWare, a cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology provider, interviewed 575 partners and customers with the goal of collecting various IT perspectives and insights about Windows 10.

These results from these interviews shed light on 5 key findings for Windows 10 adoption and migration.

· Windows 10 migration is a top priority, but more customer education may be needed.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has done a great job bringing to market an operating system that dramatically improves IT management for devices that run the system. Therefore, for IT teams, migration to Windows 10 is a major priority.

· Within two years, it expects to migrate and support Windows 10 for 75% of users.

Most IT teams are highly likely to begin actively working on their Windows 10 migration project in the first half of this year, requiring anywhere between 12-24 months to complete.

· Windows 10 migrations take a similar amount of time as previous migrations.

Incorporating Windows 10 through all levels of a department or organization takes just as much time as previous versions of the system.

· More partners than customers believe Windows 10 will exceed or has exceeded expectations.

Windows 10 is improving some of its functions. Whether it is through new EMM features, integration to app stores, enhanced security, use of cloud services, or improved user interfaces, there are plenty of compelling reasons why IT teams like Windows 10.

· IT professionals are generally optimistic about migrating to Windows 10

Working on a Windows 10 migration project is a step forward for any organizations’ IT staff and users. Windows 10 offers a number of benefits including operational efficiencies, increased service levels, and better customer experiences.

For IT teams looking for a solution in endpoint management, click the link below to see how Windows 10 could meet that need and offer a system that is in parity with current technology trends.