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5 Innovations for the New Era of Networking
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Companies today are challenging typical conventions and norms while looking for ways to revolutionize the process of networking. The new network is always learning and adapting. Therefore, IT professionals are forced to change their relationship to the networks they run.

In the new era of networking, here are 5 innovations that have proven to be highly effective:

1. Automation

Hands down one of the biggest boosts for any company is automation. When monotonous tasks that do not require a human touch are automated, employees not only get more time to work on creating and innovating, but the process also becomes simplified and quick.

2. Protect against hidden threats—even in encrypted traffic.

Encrypted Traffic Analytics offers wide and deep visibility, spotting anomalies that could signal an incoming threat. Companies can identify threats in encrypted traffic without having to decrypt it and by looking deeply and accurately identifying threats and stress points in real-time.

3. Programmable ASICs are the antiaging treatment for your network.

Programmable ASICs in our next-generation networking infrastructure make it possible to upgrade the old networking infrastructure without having to undertake massive costs by enabling cloud, mobility, IoT, and security. ASICs give companies the flexibility to address unanticipated changes and requirements.

4. Secure the IoT with end-to-end segmentation.

Segmenting the growing number of connected devices can be complicated and risky. By decoupling identity from location, the network can secure users, devices, and applications with identity-based policies, no matter where users are or how they are connected.

5. A software-delivered platform enables high-speed innovation.

Traditional network architectures won’t be able to support the business needs of the future. The new network thus needs a software-driven platform that enables innovation at the speed of the software.

These five innovations will continue to enable companies the ability to spend less time and budget on maintenance and more time and money on further innovation and growing their business.

If you want to learn more about how the new network is constantly learning, adapting, and protecting, click the link below for more information.