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5 Great Reasons to Make Electronic Signatures a Part of Your Business
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In today’s world of quickly advancing technology and digital processes, 80% of businesses still use paper and pen, printing, scanning, and faxing papers back and forth to get work done. That is not only a lot of paper, but a lot of time spent on correcting, tracking, filing, maintaining, and reminding people to keep up with the paper documents.

The pains of paper and pen signatures are many:

— “More than a third (37 percent) of business leaders say they have problems with agreements that are missing signatures, initials, or dates—or that have been signed by the wrong person.”

— “Nearly half (46 percent) aren’t sure they have copies of all signed agreements.”

— “Just over half (51 percent) say they have problems with documents that are misfiled or lost.”

Imagine a day in the life of your business where the most current version of every important document was available to you at any time, where all customer data and reminders were in one place, and when you needed a signature, you simply sent it across electronically to the client to sign from wherever he was.

As if that were not enough, here are 5 great reasons to make electronic signatures a part of your business:

#1 Make your workflow.

Electronic signatures allow for much more than automating the entire process, it allows company employees to spend less time administrating and more time creating and innovating.

#2 Send and sign documents in zero seconds flat.

Electronic signature solutions make preparing and sending a document for signature easy as sending an email. It’s a fluid process with pre-filled fields and instructions that allow for reusable and repeatable results.

#3 Put e-signatures into action — no sweat.

Built-in integration capabilities like those of Workday and Salesforce allow for the instant sharing of information across departments resulting in more time engaging customers and nurturing relationships.

#4 Legally binding and professionally liberating.

Especially when it comes to legal agreements, contracts, and nondisclosures, stoppages can slow down the process. Using e-signatures can automatically generate audit trails that are encrypted and secure.

#5 Secure data at the speed of business.

Security breaches can bring your traffic to your business to a standstill. Electronic signatures and storage of documents allow for increased transparency and a level of peace knowing data and documents are safe.

When looking for an e-signature platform, be sure to choose a solid enterprise-level platform, an interface that easy to use and integrate, and one that complies with legal and security standards.