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Moving Your Business to the Cloud
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Hi! My name is Dennis and I’m an IT professional.

More and more businesses are moving their operations to the cloud and for good reason. From security advantages and easy to use migration techniques of cloud-based tools, many businesses are realizing just how helpful moving their operations to the cloud can be.

If you’re looking to elevate your business, take a look at these five benefits of moving your organization to the cloud.

#1. Value 

The concept of the cloud platform is still difficult for some people to grasp but the reality is that cloud-based applications are not a fad and they’re here to stay. In fact, by 2020, the cloud market is expected to surpass $500 billion and more than 72% of businesses today have at least one application in the cloud.


As cloud technology is implemented by more and more companies, this technology is improving and security concerns are no longer as big of an issue as they once were. In fact, as of 2016, more than half of organizations reported that they stored sensitive or confidential data in the cloud.

#3. Scalable

Moving business operations to the cloud takes a lot of work and many cloud providers suggest that companies move their processes over time with a hybrid approach. Since the cloud platform is easily scalable, you can move at your own pace and never feel rushed to move all processes at once.

#4. Tools

When moving to a new system, most companies fear they will have to retrain employees and take time away from the business at hand. Moving to a cloud-based solution doesn’t mean having to retain employees though because most solutions allow you to use the same applications your employees are used to, with access to files anywhere online.

#5. Growth 

Moving your business to the cloud offers many benefits and as of 2016, most businesses moving to the cloud stated the top benefits they experienced were faster access to infrastructure, greater scalability, and increased availability.

As we see more and more cloud-based solutions flood the market, soon all businesses will have moved to the cloud in order to keep up with the changing ecosystem. If you haven’t moved your business to the cloud yet, you’re already behind the competition.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of moving your business to the cloud, click the link below for more information.