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5 Benefits of Eliminating App Overload In Your Business
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If you run a business of any size, you most likely are using multiple apps to help you manage everything. If you’re not, then you probably should. There are plenty out there to choose from that can fit your needs.

If you do use apps, you’re likely using a lot more than you want or that you can keep up with. App overload is a common problem and a potentially dangerous one — dangerous to your productivity and your management.

App overload occurs in 4 ways, all of which results in a bunch of clunky silos that often serve no purpose in particular:

#1 As new employees are added and teams grow, each additional member prefers different technologies.

#2 Each department chooses tools that are unique and specific to them.

#3 Tools are different and offered in a multitude of different ways.

#4 Company leaders’ are often not up to speed on different tools that departments need or want.

If app overload sounds like a problem in your business, there is only one way to fix it: Consolidate all of your company and customer data including payroll and finances and put in on the cloud.

Doing so would result in:

#1 Unified business data sources

#2 Elimination of app overload

#3 Easy scalability

#4 Real-time information availability for analyzation

#5 Dismantling of company silos