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4 Ways to Activate New Loyalty Dimensions to Create Great Experiences
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Martha is the owner of a local thrift shop and understands how important it is to offer her customers the best experience possible so they will turn into repeat customers and brand ambassadors.

She has been struggling over the past several months to turn her one-time customers into loyalists. So, she decides to conduct some research to learn new ways to create great experiences for her customers to have in her store.

After a few hours of research, Martha stumbles upon a whitepaper that outlines exactly how she can achieve her goal. For Martha to improve the experience she offers her customers, she must ask and answer these four questions:

1. Do the experiences you offer adapt to the individual needs of the customer? Are they predictive?

2. Do you offer your service when and where your customers want it? Is the service prevalent in the community?

3. Do you offer choices? Does your brand assist customers in finding the things they want or need easily?

4. How is the experience you offer customers? Do the experiences you offer delight customers? Is it different from other shops that offer similar service?

Once Martha answers these four questions in relation to her local shop, she will be able to provide new loyalty dimensions to her customers that are sure to turn them into loyalists.

Consumers have a newfound sense of self-awareness which gets satisfied through the experience of buying products and services rather than just obtaining those products. Customers are now loyal to experiences and more good experiences they have with a brand, the more likely they are to turn into loyalists.

If you are like Martha and are looking for ways to add new loyalty dimensions to your marketing efforts and turn your customers into brand loyalists, click the link below for more information.