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Redefine Collaboration Space

The way the modern workforce thinks and gets work done is quickly changing. More businesses are hiring freelance, part-time, and remote employees to help with an ever-growing workload. As the workplace changes, it is only smart to learn better ways in which to collaborate with team members both near and far.

The modern workforce is transforming so fast that it influences which tools team members use, how meetings are planned, and where decisions get made. In fact, implementing a single innovative collaboration tool or technique can improve the productivity of your company by nearly 30 percent.

As customers push for fast response times and employees become more demanding in using the tools they are accustom to using in their everyday lives, there are four keys trends that drive innovation around collaborative spaces including texting over talking, video calls, remote work, and the daily use of devices.

This whitepaper by LogMeIn focuses on the evolving collaboration market and what is driving these types of dynamics in business. For 15 years, LogMeIn has been at the forefront of creating the best meeting experiences possible for both big and small companies as well as helping businesses boost their interactions among participants before, during, and after meetings.

This whitepaper will walk you through LogMeIn’s GoToMeeting smart meeting assistant for note taking, instant business messaging, cloud recording feature, and integration with other tools. With all of these key features, your business could be well on its way to having the best collaborative moments.