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4 Things to Keep in Mind When It Comes to Cloud Implementation and Improving People Skills
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Many businesses today are quickly making the transition to moving a cloud platform. The reasons for the move are many, but one good reason is because it brings a tremendous amount of flexibility for employees.

From an organizational perspective, it also brings significant cost reduction and allows the company to spend more time focused on innovation. Employees become agile more quickly and can easily align themselves with the goals of the organization.

However, whenever there is a transformation such as implementation of the cloud, it brings along the task of improving employee skills. It has been observed that typically, the people who face the most challenges in this transformation process are HR and Finance departments.

IT departments have significant time to ensure the skills of their team members are improved. However, for all departments who are involved in the digital transformation exercise, it is important not to get caught up in the technological aspect of it that the human aspect gets overlooked.

Here are four critical factors to consider:

#1 Cloud technology brings a fresh perspective to the organization. It is much like a marathon race in which the winner reaches the finish line after having run a fair distance.

#2 You will see significant improvement in the quality of data. While some people may not have full confidence in the data authentication process, patience is what any organization needs to exhibit as the new platform is still undergoing calibration.

#3 When the transformation exercise begins, stakeholders will have higher expectations. Since, it about collaborating with other departments, IT and HR departments must manage these expectations. As with any process, monitoring, approving, and streamlining are necessary.

#4 While the implementation is being done, it is important to train people on how the cloud platform works and what changes will occur once the implementation is done. Conduct the training during the transformation exercise and any changes in process or workflow can be accommodated immediately according to user requirements.

These are four basic, but key prerequisites, that must be accomplished to ensure a successful transition to the cloud and improvement among users’ skills. No matter who owns the cloud implementation process in your organization, ensuring that each department works together to streamline individual business models is a topmost priority.

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