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The modern age has seen the evolution of an analogous world turning into a digitized haven. Individuals and organizations create and store data at unchartered speeds, creating a world that has become increasingly reliant on data every day.

With this, we see the need for modern solutions for data protection. These can range from the popular cloud-based services to having an effective recovery system for potential breaches. In this video, we will discuss some great data protection practices.

1. Putting the cloud to work

Cloud-based storage systems have become the central hub of modern-day data. Rather than resisting it, one can use a cloud-based data protection system to their advantage. A “one storage” approach that uses cloud resources to extend the footprint of primary storage can minimize separate data-mobility tasks that infrastructure teams need to manage.

2. Build a Modern Data Center on Agile Reusability

It is common practice for many organizations to make multiple data copies for storage, but this is a massive security threat. Rather than having multiple copies, the focus should be on making the data portable and easy to manage from one center itself.

3. Provide High Availability by Design

A key component of modern data protection is near-constant availability, which begins with the design of the core IT infrastructure. Implying a data system that is designed with active-active synchronous replication, auto-sync, and recovery programs provide good disaster insurance in case of a large-scale outage.

4. Check the Recovery Box

To achieve optimum data resilience, it is imperative to have a strong and well-defined recovery strategy within the data protection systems. Rather than an abundance of replicas, the programs prioritize accelerated data access and recovery from various data sets.

Gone are the days where a simple password could protect all your information. These modern protection techniques chart out what the future of data security looks like.

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