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Office 365 is the king who has never been knocked off its throne. It really is a big deal and makes up a vast part of the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud strategy.

However, it is fair to say that even with the most careful plans, deployment of any SaaS applications doesn’t always go according to the plan.

There are 4 secrets that could easily put you on the road to success with Office 365 deployment. It’s not exactly a top-secret as each of these points has been widely discussed, but nevertheless, some companies still ask questions around the network setup of Office 365.

  • Abandon the idea that your existing network is up to the task.
  • Don’t count on your existing gateway to handle Office 365 traffic.
  • Get your users as close to Office 365 as you can.
  • Don’t assume that it is going to be a set-it-and-forget service.

With all the hardware and services that you will likely be offloading to Microsoft after your Office 365 deployment, you will need to prepare for lots of hands-on maintenance and IT management.

Still running into problems with your current migration. The Survival Guide for Office 365 networks can help answer your most urgent questions, including exploring strategies for getting your network ready for Office 365 and put you on the right path to deployment success.

Want to learn more about Office 365 deployment? Click the link below for more information.