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4 Questions to Help Confront App Development Challenges
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Businesses everywhere have come to acknowledge the importance of developing software applications that accelerate business processes and differentiate services. But, without the development of software as a core competency, building an entire data center doesn’t make sense.

As a result of this knowledge, many businesses are turning to the cloud to develop and run applications and information systems. Businesses value the ability to develop and test their apps in the cloud, and then run production workloads on location.

Some of these businesses have made the decision to migrate applications to the cloud as well—including on-premises apps, packaged apps, web-based apps, open source-based apps, and other traditional applications. Once migrated, these applications can be integrated with other on-premise and cloud applications.

If your organization is one of many looking to confront app development challenges, here are four questions you will want to consider asking:

1. Does it take too long to set up and provision your development environment, including application servers, server infrastructure, storage, databases, and management tools?

2. Is lack of development agility affecting your ability to respond quickly to business needs?

3. Is your data center too large, needlessly complex, or expensive to maintain?

4. Do your development and operations teams have difficulty coordinating their activities to properly support production applications?

Application development in the cloud makes sense for more reasons than one. It helps to accelerate business transformation and innovation. It also boosts agility in changing environments. Additionally, it improves resource utilization, creates valuable business processes, and reduces risk among vendors

Once you have an answer to the above four questions, you will be in a better position to focus on your business, not on technology and infrastructure. To learn more about how application development works in the cloud, click the link below for more information.