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Middle Market Survey Reveals Technology Priorities, Core Strategies, and Near-Term Investment Plans
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Jenny wants to deliver secure, scalable, and high-performing applications on demand but isn’t sure how to achieve this. As an IT manager, Jenny struggles with configuration and the management of networking and security.

As the business model of Jenny’s company continues to demand faster development and deployment of applications, Jenny can no longer rely on manual application delivery. She wants to know how she can automate application delivery and finds four fundamentals.

  • Connectivity

Proper network connectivity is fundamental to any business service and different applications have unique requirements. Jenny must use the right automation application delivery solution that will assure each application receives the right level of network connectivity with the right service level.

  • Security

One of the most critical steps to delivering and managing applications and data is ensuring that appropriate security policies are applied. Jenny’s automation application delivery solution must deploy applications with security at the application level and between tiers.

  • Performance

Jenny should also make sure the solution she chooses can be used to meet specific network performance needs of each application. Her solution should also be able to minimize traffic through the oversubscribed core.

  • Availability

Whatever automation application delivery solution Jenny chooses should improve the application available through the dynamic configuration of network load balances in the context of deploying or updating application configurations.

With the proper solution, Jenny will be able to accelerate the delivery of network and security services, customized to the specific needs of her modern applications. With the proper solution, Jenny can dynamically configure network and security services within the context of the infrastructure or applications that she is deploying.

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of automating application delivery, click the link below for more information.