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The Inside Secret for IoT in Life Sciences

About this whitepaper…

Hyper-converged infrastructure, or HCI, is an information technology infrastructure that is defined by software that virtualizes networking and storage, systems which are conventionally defined as hardware. Hyper-converged infrastructure includes virtualized computing through a hypervisor, a storage area network defined by software, and networking also defined by software. Unlike converged infrastructure (CI), hyper-converged infrastructure is implemented virtually in software rather than physically in hardware. Hyper-converged infrastructure brings flexibility, federates management, and consolidates operations.

Who should download…

This whitepaper by VMware addresses how traditional infrastructure negatively affects business-critical applications or BCAs. Older architectures cause vital tasks to process slowly and complicates oversight. Hyper-converged infrastructure that combines VMware’s vSAN storage, vSphere hypervisor, and vCenter Server overcomes the challenges of traditional infrastructure and makes it easy to deliver on the applications that businesses are run on. Executives looking to federate management of all resources across all instances of their infrastructure should download this whitepaper.

Why you should download…

Moving your company from traditional infrastructure to hyper-converged infrastructure will ensure that you no longer need to rely on different computer and storage systems. Hyper-converged infrastructure simplifies management and increases the utilization of resources where possible. Moving away from a system defined by hardware to a hyper-convergent system defined by software where the elements run on commercial off-the-shelf servers through the use of a hypervisor eliminates the inefficiency and reduces the total cost of ownership of traditional data centers. VMware’s hyper-converged infrastructure, powered by vSAN, benefits companies through business-critical applications, management clusters, remote office and branch office deployment, and virtual desktop infrastructure and end-user computing. vSAN-powered hyper-converged infrastructure is delivered straight from the hypervisor, providing high performance and high availability for virtual appliances, demanding applications, and saving you time with automated provisioning and management.

This whitepaper provides an overview of the value provided by HCI powered by vSAN to IT executives looking to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and simplify management. Download now.