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4 Attitudes toward Digital Technology Adoption
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For any company with a solid sales department, customer engagement is a primary element in the process of connecting and interacting with customers.

For Joe, he doesn’t feel that his sales team of fifteen people have delved as deep as they could into creating meaningful connections with customers. Joe wants his team to understand that customer engagement is much more than a feel-good term in business. He wants them to capture the idea in their daily work.

In their weekly meeting, he explains to his team that customer engagement is a combination of human elements and digital touchpoints. It needs an effort from the entire organization to build relationship with customers and nurture those relationships to reinforce customer trust and reinvigorate brand loyalty.

The key, Joe says, to driving sales is customer engagement since it is the one single component that will drive the majority of interactions and processes within an organization.

Rather than attending their fifth webinar this quarter, he decides to bring in an outside agency to survey the views and behaviors that his sales team members have about technology adoption.

As it turns out, there are four categories of people who hold to four key attributes of the digital transformation journey. Here is what they found:

1…Sceptics are those who are hesitant to increase their adoption of technology, even those that will create opportunities to drive deeper customer engagement. Their skepticism almost always comes from a traditional mindset towards sales.

2…Followers are in the stage where they believe certain tools can aid their team in closing deals faster, but, often due to frustration with the process or a lack of investment and support, they hesitate to adopt new technologies.

3…Strivers are starting to see a major shift in the way they view and approach technology. They typically seek to gain support from the top down and listen to what their sales teams need. Strivers are willing to adopt new technologies that prove to drive customer engagement.

4…Drivers are those within the organization who are constantly experimenting with advanced technologies and looking for opportunities to engage with customers. Drivers take a hands-on approach to adopting new technologies and continue to invest and experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.

Joe is surprised at the different attitudes toward digital transformation that are displayed on his team. He now begins to help his team members at least get to the level of being a Striver. Digitally transforming your sales organization is a journey that is continuously evolving and requires commitment and initiation.

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