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3 Things to Know Before Moving Your Data to the Cloud

3 Things to Know Before Moving Your Data to the Cloud

While there are many reasons to move your data to the cloud, the overall process is risky.

Most companies make the decision to transition to the cloud out of cost concerns. The cloud is cheaper when it is compared to on-premise data storage. Other companies make the move based on how much data they have and accessibility to it. The cloud is significantly easier to access and can store large amounts of data without much effort.

However, the decision to move to the cloud should be taken seriously. Once you understand the data you have, you can classify it, move it, and then identify data anomalies.

Besides that, here are

3 things to know before making the decision to move data to the cloud:

#1 Know what data you have

Did you know that “52% of data in the average enterprise is DARK.” Sending dark data to the cloud is a misuse of cloud resources. Be sure to classify the data you have before putting it in the cloud.

#2 Know where your data is

Knowing what data you have in your possession and where the data exists can help to ensure you are ready for any data protection laws and regulations such as GDPR in 2018.

#3 Know who is accessing your data

According to Gartner, “33% of Fortune 100 organizations will face an information crisis in the next 12 months.” Understanding how your data is being used and identifying patterns before the catch on can be your best bet against cyber-attacks.

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